Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stuff you probably didn't know about my books: Addy's Boom and the Blast Frontier's tidal wave

One of the most difficult parts of this book on the research end was figuring out what would happen to Lauren when the wave hit her store, if the store stood. 

I had to view about 15 YouTube videos and read 8 or 10 reports on water flow into an enclosed area when the water level was actually above a non-water-tight roof on that enclosed area.  Then I had to figure out what the chances were that the actual buildings on Main street would have provided her some impact protection (vs. becoming water-propelled missiles) as the debris crossed Church street (for those that didn't know, those streets and buildings are all real, as is "Richard's Classic," which is actually called Richardson's.)

Then I had to figure out the average speed of a tidal wave, and the average (by percentage) level of water trailing a tall-crested tidal wave to make sure it would not be below the door entrance to her store; otherwise, the store would have easily filled up with water, leaving no gap for her to breathe.

I then had to estimate how much water would have leaked in from the roof to add to the level of water already in the store, and how high that would rise before the crest passed.  Lucky for Lauren, theoretically, she still had a foot of air space to breathe, locked at the top of the store, until the wave receded. 

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