Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Quick Jab at the Paranormal: Am I onto Something?

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know shit about shit.  Yeah, I get half to three-quarters of your standard Jeopardy  questions right but that's man-made whatever.  I'm talking about in the unknown.  I'm talking about in parapsychology and religion and philosophy and psychology and physics.  If you read the first sentence in this paragraph, you'll never believe the one that follows this semicolon; I love where I am in my education.

Socrates said (I may be paraphrasing; depends on your source): "One thing only that I know, and that is that I know nothing."  Well, smack me with a house slipper and call me Jilly McWilly.  I knew it all when I was seventeen--even more when I got into college.  Yet, to be as wise as Socrates, I had to go down a path of open-mindedness like I had never imagined.  I had to let go of almost everything I believed if I wanted a chance at uncovering truths.  That shit is flat-out hard, leaning toward the impossible!  Ever made a 5 or 10-year run at deprogramming yourself? Good Gawd, man.

But I did it.  I think like I believe Socrates thought way back then, and that makes me incredibly happy with my way of thinking.  Hell, I think if Socrates were an American today, we'd be nearly identical in our philosophies and beliefs.  I get him.  I get his openness and his old faithful fallback; pure logic.  Once you close your mind on a subject, your learning of alternatives is over until you de-program yourself or somebody (or something) does it for you.  While I have searched the internet from end-to-end to find a quote that I thought was by Einstein (but since have not been able to find it by anybody,  but I know I read it and I know it was from a more famous historical figure, and I used it, paraphrasing, in my book, Name of Alt), I could not find it.  It went something like this:

"To have true intelligence, you must look at the information available in the world as you would look at traffic at a crossroads.  Let your mind be the crossroads.  At one point, it knows a car is in the center--at another, it is gone.  Be willing to strike down old beliefs if newer, better, more believable evidence emerges in a given category.  Let information go so information can flow.  The most intelligent in the world have a mere "working truth" in their mind; a current observation built from all the information that has passed before them combined with all of their thoughts about that information and mixtures of that information AND their imagination; look at knowledge as you would look at flowing water under a microscope.  Always be in a state of believing in "working truths," truths that you will certainly allow yourself to strike down in the face of more convincing evidence."

Truth be told, I elongated that like a balloon clown, but I needed to get my philosophy across.  We don't need to go into the "world is flat" argument, or the "Copernicus" argument, or anything else that was believed worldwide but dis-proven; just understand that I am an open tunnel through which information passes, and I grab onto what is believable, and honestly, I do wish everybody was that way instead of being so rigid in what their parents and teachers "taught" them 30 years ago.  But I accept them and entertain their thoughts; always have, and I believe I always will.

Now, let's apply some of that to the supernatural (more specifically, ghosts, aliens, telepathy and telekinesis).

For ghosts and UFOs, I believe it's entirely possible that they are very real, that they are very normal, but that they are natural "accidents."  I do not believe in grand design.  I believe in chance design, just short of chaos theory.  If, in fact, some of our scientists are right who come from the platform of quantum mechanics and, among those, the ones that come from the platform of m-theory and string theory, then it is entirely possible that our universe is occasionally bumping into a parallel universe, which shows real things, right before your eyes, that disappear.

I can already hear some arguments; "But the ghost I saw was transparent, and walked through a wall while the UFO I saw was not transparent and simply traveled fast after hovering for a while--for a long while, longer than I've every seen a ghost hang around."

Ok, so your ghosts could be "souls" or "formerly human energy fields that contain all but your conscious" that got trapped between two universes--between the two flapping sheets.  Therefore, they truly are nothing more than small energy fields with some type of manifestation powers.  UFOs on the other hand (let's discount the hoaxes and man-made ones and get serious here; we're talking about the unexplained ones) may have actually started within that parallel universe and find themselves surprisingly in ours (or us in theirs), not knowing what to do or how to get back after an unexpected "bump."  The scientists like to explain these "branes," (short for "membranes") as bed sheets flowing in the wind, only a slight distance apart, and they occasionally "bump," placing something from one universe into another for a period of time, until it separates again.  Essentially, the difference between UFOs and spirits could be where they originate from and what form they are in; energy fields or physical structures/beings.

We have only begun to scratch the surface of a global consciousness and connected thoughts for telepathy.  Even though they have successfully, in a lab environment, proven that telepathy works with one person transmitting thoughts to another, we still don't understand the natural (a.k.a. before 2012) mechanisms at work.  It's so easy to say, "EMF.  Yep, EMF.  That's EMF."  To me, that's like the scientists saying "The universe is 70% Dark energy, and 25% Dark matter" with only 5% being known substance," which they have said.  To me, that's the perfect equivalent in logic as saying about our very complex oceans, "The Oceans are 95% water, and they're wet (and what a humble scientist should admit is that, "That's all we know right now," but instead, they act like they figured something out; please.  Ego, go home.

Telekinesis has very few scientific examples supporting its existence, yet you'll see somebody try it sometimes and it's very convincing.  Tossing out cheats, what's going on?  I believe that the human brain could have 30, 100, 6000 senses, and we've only discovered and employed 5 (and part of the sixth) now.  We are really dumb, and the sooner we accept that as a species, the sooner we'll make massive gains in education (yes, I get it; we put a man on the moon, but I'm talking about dumb as in comparing our knowledge to what is unknown, not what we have done compared to primitive man).

So, it could be that those people have been early out of the gates on developing their sixth sense which may include powers of telekinesis, or that some other natural force happens, occasionally, while they attempt these experiments and just ONE out of a THOUSAND works, and they convince themselves that therein lies the proof; they are full-blooded telekinetics.  They believe that they only need to hone their skills.  And it may be total bs.  It may cause them to waste the rest of their lives trying to bend forks with their minds when really, it was a moving portion of earth's magnetic field, or something else, that worked that one time for them.

So out of all this, what is real?  What is really real is observable, record-able, and repeatable phenomena.  With those three combined, you've got something.  With those data, you can begin to open up a study that has merit to it; a solid, empirical foundation.  This is where you can draw your very intelligent scientists in and have them start working on it to figure it out.  In my mind, that's where I am right now.  I want to give them something, whether (as I'm confused about) it is proof that something exists or just enough to convince them that these phenomena MUST be studied more closely with more manpower/brainpower/computerpower.  Stop blowing it off!  It's happening!!!  Let's give it the study it deserves.

Do your Google searches for famous NASA astronauts, pilots, heads of state, and other very respectable witnesses who have seen both ghosts and UFOs AND aliens WHILE in groups who describe the same sightings.  IT.  IS.  REAL.  Give it the study time it deserves.  Re-open the parapsychology deparments at your major Universities; call it "PScience," if you want to keep it modernized and shake the ridicule that is/used to be associated with the narrow-minded "Oh, you believe in little green men" people who are just dumb, in my opinion, or terrified that their comfortable and protected little world may, once again, be disrupted.  All I'm asking for, all we're asking for, is give us ten years of good, wide-spread study without the backdrop of ridicule to try to explore empirical evidence from uncertain phenomena--within that time, I'd bet you a Buffalo nickel that most of what we now call "paranormal" becomes "normal."

Thank you for reading.

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