Monday, July 30, 2012

21 Confessions and Realizations Before Midnight

1.  I fully believe that alien life forms have visited Earth and are not from other dimensions.
2.  For some reason, I get the feeling that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
3.  Part of the reason I love to ride scooters is that I am almost killed once or more per day by people who do not pay enough attention to see me.
4.  Part of what I dislike about scooters is that I almost get killed once or more per day by people who do not pay enough attention to see me.
5.  Unlike many men, I welcome a moderate depletion of testosterone, and say good riddance to the many stupid things it made me do.
6.  The pain of missing my daughter cannot be softened with any medicine.
7.  In the past 50 years, our U.S. has gone from a care-for-thy-neighbor union to I-gotta-get-mine selfishness, but at least race and religious tolerance has grown, per capita.
8.  I now know, without any doubt, that the person you will find that you can truly have a long-term (forever) relationship with is going to be a person who accepts every single thing about you without trying to change it.
9.  If there is a catastrophe for the world, governments will survive while the people die. 
10.  Why can't a new space race be started in which the WHOLE world unites to get human beings to truly begin colonizing other planets/moons?  Would the interest not be universal?  Would we not breathe a sigh of relief for our species once such settlements are established in knowing that humanity will live on?
11.  The way younger people treat their parents and the elderly is saddening.
12.  If it turns out that God is an alien, and he really does want to be worshipped and the only God and praised, I got a feeling that I'm not going to like those aliens.
13.  Something is "off" in the Universe.  I sense it.  I don't know what it is; I almost feel like you would feel if you were being punked and somebody was just about to point out the cameras.  I get a strong sense of awakening that I can't describe... don't know when, if, or how, but I sense it.
14.  We will be at the world's population limit before 2050.  With current farming, we couldn't feed any more than eleven billion.
15.  I don't think cats are necessarily smarter than dogs, but they are much better at hiding guilt than dogs are.
16.  I do not believe there is anything magical or intelligent happening in the Earth's core.
17.  I do not believe that small groups of Illuminati or other "powerful" people are making all of the decisions; decisions are made by the highest bidders in most of the world.
18.  As the bottom continues to fall out of religion, people do lose their basic sense of moral direction and they get depressed with their new realization.  This had begun the process of declining morality, but added an increase in personal responsibility and a new appreciation for the short and delicate nature of life.
19.  Scientists, politicians, and the media have cried wolf so many times now that we will not believe them again until the wolf is dragging us into the forest, and even then, we may believe it's just a weather balloon.
20.  One good piece of living advice is this; picture yourself on your deathbed, all those years from now.  Looking back on your life, what would you have done differently?  Surprise--you have time to make the change now.
21.  If you really want to know what matters to you in life, pay attention to the first 3-5 things you think about upon waking up (besides using the bathroom or morning breath):

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