Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tired of the BULL$HIT? U.F.O. Sightings Are Real, But Made Unreal.

Before I write a post like this, I'm usually feeling a little anger at the government.  That would be my government--the U.S. government.

Not others, necessarily.

For example, I just watched this special from the History Channel about U.F.O. reports for the second time, and I wasn't watching for the pictures or accounts--this time, I was watching for the culture.  My question to myself was this: what is the culture in a given area that a U.F.O. reporter must walk into in order to share his experience?  The resulting answer, for many places but especially in the U.S., was a culture of pure hostility, ridicule, and dismissal.

Why?  What is it going to take?  If you're one of the people who believes in intelligent life outside of our atmosphere, you must hold at least some excitement over the prospect of coming into contact with them.  If you refuse to believe there is intelligent life out there, or that it hasn't visited Earth, nobody is going to convince you it's real and happening now.

If you watch the above referenced show on the History Channel, how do you come away with any feeling other than the U.S. is incredibly harsh toward those reporting U.F.O. sightings/encounters?  It's not made any easier by technology, either; with my moderate knowledge of programs like Photoshop and Cinema4D, I could create both pictures and videos of U.F.O.s that are incredibly realistic.  There is something that I hate about that, and I guarantee you that there is something the U.S. government loves about it.

It's now easier than ever to dismiss sightings, in the form of pictures/video, as having been tampered with.  And oral accounts are almost given no credence.  Now, the flood of hoaxes will blur and diminish the believeability of U.F.O. reporters.  Set aside for the hope that maybe some beyond-the-shadow-of-a-doubt polygraph can be designed (and it may come), we are pretty much left to decide whether or not we believe in intelligent life elsewhere.

I heard the argument, which is a good one, about God--you'll put 100% faith into an invisible being you've never seen, heard, or sensed in any provable way, yet you'll fully dismiss photo and video evidence that has been fully tested and researched by experts who claim it has not been doctored.  You'll believe it when a president tells you that a country has something to do with the terrorists who attacked your country and that, therefore, we must invade that country, without a second thought (until much later).  You'll believe in ghosts, having never seen or sensed one in a provable way (audio, video, photo, other technological means that would have shown the encounter), if at all.  But as soon as the possibility of E.T. life visiting Earth comes up, you're pointing and laughing, saying that the reporter is either crazy or looking for a paycheck.  You'll believe what you're told--humans have done that since our beginning.

And what you're told, now, usually, is that U.F.O.s can all be explained, and they are not craft from some advanced civilization (or possibly, as I've theorized before, they are our own craft from the future, visiting key history sites/moments).

What a shame.  But nothing will change unless you and I do something to change the culture, will it?

What it will take is you and I and everybody we know telling their friends and family and their governments that what people see, especially pilots in the sky (due to their training, proximity to many spotted craft, and ability to distinguish natural or other phenomena from alien or enemy craft), must be taken seriously.  It MUST be.

Make the FAA take out of their guidelines that no mentions of U.F.O.s are allowed, even as pilots and air controllers and airport personnel are reporting them.  It's getting RIDICULOUS.  In every branch of science and learning, we encourage those with honest reports, especially when accompanined with evidence/proof, to step forward and help us better understand what is happening in our world (or elsewhere) and yet, regarding U.F.O.s, we wave them off and immediately discount their story.  WHY?

Don't you want to do something about this?  Regardless of whether or not the U.F.O.s are guided by intelligent forces outside of our planet/solar system, enemy countries, or some other phenomena, don't you want the persecution of people who are telling the truth to STOP!?  I do.  I hope you'll help.

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