Saturday, February 20, 2016

Impromptu; The Last Fast Art of Words

I suppose it'll be a poem I'll choose, right now, off the top of my head
As I put forth a favorable vote for impromptu which is anything but dead
Humans who can think fast with no editorial desire or need
Are quick and resourceful and impress me with speed.

Ten minutes is usually what I allot myself to fire something off,
Ten minutes to turn a blank page into the tangible, if soft.
I'm on three minutes now so should probably pick up the pace
Even if my previous record is my only opponent in the race.

Do you like impromptu?  Like they do on "Whose Line?"
Do you like public speakers who speak without time
I find certain purity and truth, even through irksome styles
In the non-prepared statements of the verbally versatile.

You should test yourself sometime.  No need for a poem.
Just try to write something in which ideas conjoin.
Anything.  A love letter.  An e-mail or a text.
Do it fast, don't hold back, and watch what happens next.

(Finished in 7mins).

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