Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Here Comes Nothing; Kev's Guess for Future Stuff

Periodically, I like to take a stab at putting my predictions into print.  I did it once in college in a sociology class and the professor liked it so much, it was the only one she wanted read in front of the class (reluctantly, I did; it was 10-pages long or so).  After that, I poked another guess or two about where computers were going.  If I have a weakness in this area, it's expecting growth in technology to accelerate. In other words, I expect the new stuff prematurely (back in 1999, I was telling my customers at Gateway that in 10 years, cables would be a thing of the past... close, but no cigar--in 2000, I guessed that we'd have things like holographic displays and floating speakers by 2016--unlikely).  So, for you, I've adjusted my timeline in hopes of being more accurate.  Who knows?

1.  By 2030, you will no longer drive your car. It already drives itself for parallel parking.  It won't take long for us to realize that if we can get a bomb to hit a target the size of a dime using gps, we can get our cars to follow a pre-determined route.  You climb in, set destination, and go to sleep.  Flying cars won't materialize.  We'll go straight to personal helicopters.  That will be the norm in 2055.

2.  Verified electronic ET contact will be made by 2100.

3.  Nuclear war will never happen, but terrorist attacks will never stop.

4.  We will start colonizing the moon by 2050; Mars by 2120.  We will first walk on Mars around 2035.

5.  Robots will be a military standard by 2045. They will be a personal and business standard by 2065.  They will cut grass, run errands, walk dogs, protect property, and do almost anything else a human can do.  By 2200, robots will be so human-like for those that want them that you would need several minutes with one to know it was a robot.  This will be motivated by the lust of men.

6.  People will die in larger and larger amounts as we near 2100 due to starvation and thirst.  As world population grows, resources become necessarily less available.  That will lead to a new biological epidemic that completes a 2nd part of a 1-2 punch to humanity around that time.  World population will be cut by 20%.

7.  There will be a global currency by 2150.

8.  People will be genetically engineerable as a matter of routine by 2075.  Parents will be able to browse their own eggs and sperm, choosing which to combine, choosing the child that will be created, from hair color down to likelihood of graduating college.

9.  Around 2500, world population will have plateaud around 22 billion, with even more than that living on Mars, the moon, and 1/10th of that living outside of the solar system.  Space travel will have been drastically enhanced by gravity manipulation.  Verified in-person ET contact will have been made.

10.  By 3500, Earth will be nothing much more than a tourist destination.  Theoretical research will have begun on how to create a new universe to replace the one that we have, which will eventually die.  It will start with artificial suns (or controlled, natural suns) and planets.

11.  By 2300, the average life span for those that can afford it will be 250 years, and it will grow without end.  By the year 6000, we will have our first 1,000-year old person who will, theoretically, through treatment, never have to die.

12. By the year 5000, humans will have figured out how to artificially control all known entities in the universe, including black holes, wormholes for time and distance travel, and many new discoveries such as black dents (nearly black holes that do not destroy matter), space-time voids, and humans will have 7 senses instead of 5.

13.  By the year 25000, humans will occupy 1/10th of all known galaxies. 

14.  The first major divisions in human environmental adaptation changes (sometimes referred to as evolution, but should be referred to as adaptation) will be noticeable by the year 35000, and by the year 70,000, many branches would be unrecognizable as humans, after combining adaptation changes with man-made bio-changes..

15.  By the year 100000, all of the universe will have been successfully cataloged.  Intergalactic space laws will have been formed to govern all intelligent life.  There will be, essentially, a space NATO.  People, and other intelligent beings, will be beginning to expose alternate realities.  And Chuck Norris will still be beating people up and the Dos Equis guy will still prefer Dos Equis and Snooki will be having her 90,000th child..

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