Thursday, December 22, 2011

The bleeding heart is the only heart I wish to save

Trust me 100%, please, in that I do not want this article to get political.

The problem is that over the past 30 years or so, we have so intricately intertwined politics with personality that it's nearly impossible not to.

It's time for me to post my beliefs, and why I have them (if I know; some of them are just "there.")  I hope I don't lose any friends over this; I do care about you all and please remember, these are only differences in opinion.  I'm still going to feed you if you show up at my house hungry.  I'm still going to pick you up out of the ditch if you wrecked your car on some back country road.  My hope is that we can share some values.

1.  The bleeding heart.  You often hear the term; bleeding-heart liberal.  Do you know what that is?  It's a varying definition, but the average definition is that it's somebody leaning to the "left" who believes that something should be "taken" from other Americans and given to less fortunate Americans.

Tax systems have been around from about 500 BC on (that we know of).  That's taking money from everybody, for an elected few to decide what to do with it.  Depending on the leadership and, especially, the purity of heart and true love of a nation, those few would make good decisions.  Those decisions would include investing in a growing economy, bolstering defense, repairing infrastructure, investing in science and associated research, and, finally, turning toward our sick and hurting and saying, "There is something we are going to do for you, because there is something we CAN do for you.  You are one of us.  Maybe you don't have a job and you should have one.  Maybe you are a hero of one of our recent battles and you can't shake the vision of your brother's head being removed by a 42-inch broad sword.  You're obviously not living the dream.  We're going to do something for you, and we're going to try to inspire you to try to do something for yourselves if you are able."

Do I have a bleeding heart?  Yes.  I care about people I've never met.  You see a bum laying in front of a liquor store.  You don't know if he was in a car accident a year before, killing his entire family as well as another family, all because he was trying to swerve to save the life of a dog.  You see somebody begging for change.  You don't know if he's very close to dying from cancer and, in fact, has to get people to take his money donations for him to go buy him food and drink because he cannot walk, and it is often stolen, and he can't go to a doctor because he has no money or insurance.

There's a bit of a caveat I have to this feeling of caring for others.  As a good friend, Jo, got me thinking about in an excellent book called, "Ishmael," there are always going to be about 5 or 10% of the world's population starving.  That's what brings it back down; that's what keeps it under control.  If we feed the world's hungry, guess what?  They breed.  And those babies need food.  The more you feed, the more they breed.  Do you realize that some believe that this great planet of ours can support no more than about 12 billion people and that we'll run into water availability problems long before that?

So what's the answer?  I don't know.  Require a two kid limit, worldwide.  Require an injected birth control for those that are starving.  We gotta do something.  We gotta do it now.  Not in 2018.  NOW.

2.  Guess what else my heart bleeds for?  It's my fellow American.  I'm going to keep this short.  We are quickly (rapidly, seriously) losing our superpower status, and China is in a boom that you can't quantify.  With booms come money, and with money comes defense, and with defense comes the desire to expand your horizons, as well as the desire to be the sole superpower (just ask Niccolo Machiavelli because the idea is to TAKE OUT ALL THREATS; consequently, his masterpiece, "The Prince," happened to be Bill Clinton's favorite book).

That means we need to do some things.  Don't cut defense; not now.  Get to work HARD on robots, drones, and lasers, because I goddam guarantee that the Chinese are (and don't forget that some or many may ally with them to take down a superpower; it's an exciting prospect).  Again, we can't start on this in 2015 or 2020.  It has to be NOW.  NOW.  NOW.  Spread this message to all you know if you want this country to last another 100 years.  For us to win this, I promise you my soul, we need to get started early on leading the world again in science and defense.  Just trust me!

Thank you for reading!

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